Checking In

Hi everyone – It has been awhile since I last wrote.  Things have been busy here with work, visitors and Neil traveling a bit for work.  All things considered, we are doing really well and still enjoying our time here in Budapest.  A few updates on life here:

  • Weather – The summer here has been amazing.  We have had maybe a handful of rainy days but for the most part, dry, sunny and HOT days.  It has been warmer here than in Sarasota, but certainly not as humid.  Today, is the first bad day of weather where it is rainy and the temperature dropped significantly.  We are eager to see how the winters go as we expect it to get cold quickly!
  • Visitors – Our friends Dave and Jess visited from Yorkshire in August and then Neil and Julie visited as well.  We had a great time showing everyone around and although our times with both couples were brief, it is always good to reconnect with friends.  Next up is my mom and my Aunt Harriet, who are arriving just in time for my birthday, around September 8.
  • Neil – He has been very busy in the last 6 weeks for work with a big UK based project.  He had to make 3 trips to London, all 24-48 hrs and he had many sleepless nights (literally) finishing reporting for the company.  The project has now wrapped up and he will be on to the next one very shortly.  He has been exhausted but his job is going really well.  He enjoys it so that is worth it all.
  • Lily – Lily has had a rough few weeks and she somehow managed to rupture her knee ligament.  She had to have surgery 2 weeks ago and was quite immobile for a good week.  Her wound has now healed very well and the doctors are surprised at her improvements, especially so quickly.  She handled the surgery like a champ but I am not going to lie, I was so scared!
  • Life in Budapest – Last weekend was National Day here in Hungary where they celebrated with an impressive weekend of many activities.  The weekend culminated with a firework show on the Danube.  It was the best firework show I have ever experienced!
  • Work – I have been working since June in a sales role here locally and unfortunately, it has not been what I expected.  It has been good to gain some more experience but the role has just been different than what I hoped for.  I have since decided to resign so my last day in this Friday.  However, good news is I am applying to other roles here in Budapest and am in the final two interviews with two U.S. based companies this week.  Both of these companies would be jackpot for me career wise so my fingers are crossed the offers come in!

That is all for now.  It has been good to stay in touch with several of you.  I always enjoy receiving messages and hearing from others back home.



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  1. Hi Ashley,

    It was nice hearing from you! It sounds like things are busy but going well. Glad to hear that Lily is feeling better. Thank goodness she is a quick healer! I’m sure your TLC made this possible. Good luck with your new employment opportunities. Hope it works out for you.

    We are having a nice summer, except for the Red Tide. What a tragic, extended event. It is heart breaking to see fish and mammals dying. Hope and pray this subsides in the near future.

    We just had an exciting week, Alyssa and Alaska visited from Utah. It was their first trip to the west coast of Florida. We had fun showing them around. We did many things including Disney, LegoLand, the Lowry Zoo and the Big Cat Habitat. Alaska had a blast! She even petted a baby alligator. The only disappointment was not being able to go to the beach.

    Trevi and Stella are doing well. Christine helped out this week when we went on our long day excursions.

    Things are moving along here at National. The amenities center is making progress. Looking forward to a fall opening. They are working on the second 18 holes course and will be starting the club house in January. Many new houses have been built and new neighbors are moving in. They are also making progress on the extension of Uihlein Road, which will connect Rt 70 to 64. We are looking forward to the golf tour in February. LWN won a 5 year contract to host the tournament!

    Bob and I are going to be Marshalls at the LPGA CME Group Tour Championship in Naples this November. This will be a new experience for us!

    Say hi to Neil and best of luck with your new job opportunity.

    -Donna and Bob



  2. Wonderful and informative update from you. i look forward to my 3rd trip to visit you since Mar. 25 when you moved from my home and USA but you have done wonderfully adjusting and i am so proud of you !!!


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