iii: Supermarket Fun

Hello everyone and happy Saturday!  I wanted to write a post on my adventures with grocery shopping here in Budapest.  I would say that out of everything so far, this is the only thing that will require some adapting for me, but worth the change for a healthier lifestyle.

For all of you who love grocery shopping as much as I do, here are some fun facts about shopping in Budapest:

  • No publix or any mega grocery store here in Budapest; the large format grocery store is hard to come by; when you do, you are well outside the city centre; instead, you will find many mini markets at nearly every street corner
  • Rarely will you find items like you find in the US (e.g., looking for a jar of peanut butter, I went to four spots and finally found one)
  • Family size does not exist; you shop for a day or two, not a week
  • Deli meats are different in many ways; lots of emphasis on ham (sonka) and salami (szalámi); turkey or roast beef are hard to come by; deli meats are extremely fresh though
  • Cereal “aisles” do not exist; in fact, you might find 10 different kinds of cereal in a shop here, at a maximum, very different from the plethora of cereals in the US
  • All the items with preservatives that we love so much in America (e.g., pillsbury cookies, croissants etc) are not found here
  • Frozen foods?  You don’t find the ready made meals like Boston Market, Lean Cuisine, etc.  Everything is pretty fresh and outside of french fries, a few pizzas and some veggies and fruits, there is not much of a frozen aisle
  • My personal favorite…breads are fresh and amazing! Selection is bountiful, all baked fresh daily and very, very cheap; so many varieties as well
  • Large shopping carts do not come around often; since you shop for less days, you usually just use a basket
  • Reusable bags are a must here, otherwise you pay for a plastic bag; quite different from the US where you can easily go home with 20 bags for a set of groceries

These are just a few fun facts and of course, so many more.  The biggest challenge for me is not finding the items I would typically buy at home.  For example, italian (salad) dressing is a favorite ingredient for a recipe I make back home.  Well I have looked at every store and cannot find italian dressing!  Instead, you learn to use different flavors or just make the dressing with real fresh ingredients.  Makes a shopping list quite fun for me right now!

I had a few frustrating moments recently while shopping for Neil and I, but with a little patience and creativity, you learn to figure it out.

I hope you enjoyed my shopping update…more to come about my life abroad.

Thanks for tuning in,




  1. Thanks for the update Ashley! It is amazing how different life can be and how much we take for granted here in America. Just think what a native of Hungary would think of our mega food stores! They wouldn’t know where to start. I love reading your blog…. Best of luck in your new ventures😊 Donna

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