ii: No car, no problem

Hi everyone!  A lot of you have asked how I get around each day given neither Neil nor I have a vehicle.  I thought I would write a quick update to share insights of living like a local.  Public transport is amazing here, it is called the BKK Futár.   Lots of options with trams, buses and underground metro.  My favorite are the trams as they are above ground and avoid traffic given they drive in between both directions of traffic.  So the time it takes to go one stop in a tram is significantly less than in a car, especially during high-peak traffic.  The Metro works perfect too.  So many stops, lines, etc.  They are unbelievably clean as well.  Never seen metros this tidy!  I have not had much experience with buses yet except once.  Buses would be used to go more outside the city or to the airport if desired.

Given we live in the city center (Pest Side), we really have had no reason to purchase a car as the BKK Futár is available at every corner.  Our location is very central too so that helps.

From my past experience to major cities, Public transport is affordable but places like London, I found it expensive.  However, in Budapest, it is really cheap!

To put costs in perspective, I have a monthly pass for 9500 HUF.  That is 30 days of transport for the USD equivalent of ~$37.  Unlimited transport, as many times as I want for $37 USD!  No car insurance needed, no gas needed and no vehicle tune-ups!  Obviously no car payment too!

Neil has a short commute to work each day.  He has two stops on the metro, a 20 min. walk or a short bike ride.  It has been nice for us as he is home pretty soon after he leaves work!

Last fun fact about the BKK…dogs are allowed to ride so long as they are muzzled and a one-time dog pass is purchased.  I have not taken Lily yet and don’t think I will.  Thought I would share though for all those dog lovers!

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